Maintain Your AC

A functional HVAC system is crucial to having a home or office that is comfortable and inviting. An HVAC system on the fritz can affect your sleep, productivity, the building’s energy consumption, and even your health! The best way to maintain the optimum performance of your HVAC is to keep it efficient. Hiring a professional for HVAC maintenance in Arlington, VA, is a must if you want to enjoy the coziest environment throughout the year.
The most common HVAC system in almost every home in Arlington, VA, is an air conditioner. If you have an air conditioner and want to enjoy the most efficient cooling for years, all you need to do is maintain it professionally.

1.Regular Maintenance & Clean-Up Of Air Filters

The dirty filter that prevents the air from flowing inside bypasses the filter and carries dirt directly to the evaporator coil, thus soiling the cooling coils. So, you should clean the air filter efficiently at least once a month. Regular cleaning of air filters helps in proper cooling. The air filter can be found

2.Examine The Thermostat

If you have an older and outdated mechanical thermostat, upgrading it to an innovative, programmable model would be wise. A smart thermostat enables you to set the right temperature when no one is home. It does not switch your AC off. So, examine the thermostat and upgrade if required.

3.Maintenance Of Condenser Coil

The dusty outside environment, falling leaves, rain, wind, etc., damage the condenser coils placed indoors. The dust and debris make it extremely difficult for the hot air and heat to dissipate outside. And as a result, the condenser and compressor get heated. So, clean it before it gets damaged.

4.Cleaning Of Evaporator Coils

A clean air filter protects the cooling coils from dust and dirt efficiently. These deposits of dirt and debris reduce the heat-absorbing capacity of the coils and effects the room cooling process. When it comes to HVAC service in Arlington, VA, cleaning the evaporator coils is essential.

5.Cover Up The Compressor Unit During Winters

When your AC is not in use, especially in the winter season, cover up the compressor unit with a cloth to prevent dust and dirt from entering inside the unit.

6.Do Not Miss An AC Service

Before the onset of the summer season, always call a service professional for efficient HVAC services in Arlington, VA. Whenever you call ac service professionals, make sure that he checks up all the AC parts like coils, compressor, fins, filters, drains, etc., and performs the necessary service.

7.Clean The Outside Unit

The outdoor unit of your AC is prone to building dirt and grass clippings over time, decreasing your system’s capacity and minimizing airflow. It is a crucial reason you need AC maintenance for the outside unit.

If you need to maintain your technical part of the AC, you should go for professional help. With professional assistance, you can ensure efficient AC maintenance in Arlington. Talk to an expert today for the most AC maintenance service.

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